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Essential dot profile
Andres C. Rodriguez 2018-11-13

This is really documentation for my .profile in the form of a blog post. I detail the utilities that I use on daily base via function definitions on this file and a little of what I have learned maintaining this file.


I separate the code side on the .profile and then the private variables (not suitable for publication) on .bashrc.

Meta Documentation

In order to generate the gist for this post, I execute the following to create a gist from the command line:

A="Authorization: token $GITHUB_PAT"
C=$(jq -R -s . ~/.profile)
B='{"public":true,"files":{"profile.sh":{"content": '$C'}}}'
curl -v -H "$A" -X POST -d "$B" https://api.github.com/gists

I also added the following CSS to hide line numbers from the gists:

/* Hide line numbers from gists */
td[data-line-number] { display: none; }

Embedded Utilities (of note)

There are some “bash” functions embedded in the .profile and are things that I use recurrently. Some of those are:

The profile file